Why Beantown?

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We chose the colloquialism over the town name for many reasons.

While some of our writers were born within the city limits, we are a collection of authors who write about Boston because we live here. There’s familiarity and a little bit of charm that goes with using a nickname, even if not all natives fully embrace it. There is a tongue-in-cheek reason that, yeah, maybe we are looking to start a debate.

Second is that our coverage isn’t constrained by the Boston city line – whether it is Newton, Brookline, or stories about things that are a day’s drive away, we don’t want to be completely limited to the Hub’s borders, and Beantown provides us a region, not just the city.

Finally, there’s the fact that we are looking for something different than just slapping Boston on our title – maybe by embracing Beantown we can get a few extra conversations going that we wouldn’t have before. From neighborhoods to borders to nicknames, this is a town that loves to disagree. We Love Beantown gives us a chance to embrace all the quirks that makes this town the place that we love.