A Wicked Warm Welcome to We Love Beantown

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Labor Day weekend in Boston comes with a lot of “new” in this town. There’s a new school year, new leases and a new season right around the corner. There’s a “new to you” floor lamp that you picked up during Allston Christmas and some poor sap who’s “new in town” who made someone money in the Storrow Pool by taking a moving truck down the ramp at 11:25 on the morning of August 31st.

We want to add one more new thing this year, if we can: us. Welcome to We Love Beantown!

We’re happy to carry the tradition of great work from our partners at We Love DC up the coast to the Hub of the Universe. In adding a new voice to the growing Boston blog community, we’re hoping to be a little different than what’s out there. Our focus is feature length content on the stuff that makes living in this town awesome. Over the next few days, you’ll get a chance to meet each of our outstanding authors as they introduce themselves and what excites them about Boston. Some are familiar from roles in the local startup and tech scene. Some may be new. We hope you like us because we are very, very handsome people.

There will inevitably be fights about what Boston entails and about this whole Beantown thing. It happens between our authors, too, but one of us pulled rank to conclude that Chestnut Hill is in fact included among things we cover. So too are JP, Allston, Brighton, Cambridge, Somerville, Charlestown, Back Bay and Roxbury. We probably won’t go too far past 128, but you never know. We’re here to write about what makes Boston “Beantown,” but you’ll see that, like many other places on the Internet, we have little places on each post for you to add your comments to help us figure it out.

Community overall is important to us. In addition to your comments, we’d love to talk more with you on Twitter and hang out with you on Facebook or Google+, and we’d also love you to collaborate with us in building a photo collection on Flickr that represents that best of what we love in town. All of our posts will include photos from that group, and if you submit your favorite shots, we may choose your best and give you the credit you deserve for that pic.

You’ll see our mascot is none other than Paul Revere, and we’re happy to have him overlooking our site. Why Paul? Well, he brought the news that the British were coming, and made sure all who had to know did. We promise the same reliability.

There may be some growing pains in our first few days and weeks, but we hope you stick around. We’re happy to have you as part of the community and thanks for loving Beantown as much as we do.

Thanks for joining us, from your editors here at WLBT: Dan Rowinski, Jarret Izzo and Dave Levy.