Breaking Down Boston Dot Coms “Speak Like a Bostonian” List

Share This went paginated slide show on us to break people living in town of their bad habits related to Boston terms, jargon and accents. Let’s scorecard this bad boy, shall we?

Bostonians “Totally Use These” Words

  • The T – Why wasn’t this slide one? This has to be the most obvious.
  • The Pru – See immediately above.
  • Statie, U-ie and Rotary – Yes, doesn’t everywhere say that and that’s a construction feature not a slang word.
  • Clicker – Perfect excuse to leave this one alone and just post any of the Hopp-ah videos.
  • Kegger – As opposed to what kind of party would it be called? The only other term I’ve ever heard is a Docker.
  • Sixer – Not exclusive.
  • Dunks, Dunkies or Dunkin’s  – WE SHORTENED THE NAME OF THE RESTAURANT!? Also, can we clarify – shouldn’t it be Dunkins, grammatically? Dunkin’ is not a person, it is a contraction for Dunking, no? Thus, no possessive.
  • Blinkers – Actually, the bigger issue on this one is that the Globe never did the Massachusetts Avenue gets called Mass Ave by everyone (see also, Comm Ave).
  • Wicked – Oh, we totally fell for this one.

Bostonians “Use These” Words, “Not These” Words

  • Frappes, not Milkshakes – I know it started in Western Mass., but pretty sure if I point to the Friendly’s Menu and where it includes “Milk Shakes” I have enough of an argument to say that this one is pretty meh.
  • Bubbler not Fountain – I just wish that if we were going to get the phonetic spelling of this one, because it makes so much more sense that way.
  • Tonic, not Soda or Pop – No one under 70 has called anything tonic unless asking for the quinine-based stuff with either gin and/or tonic mixed in it.

Bostonians “Never Use These” Words

There were a few others in there with which we really don’t see any issues. What else did the Boston Dot Com miss?