Frog Pond: Laser Show an Unnecessary Gimmick

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The last time I went to a laser show it was Y2K in DC, I was 11 years-old, and I thought the world was ending.

Naturally, I stopped by the Common last Sunday night to check out the Frog Pond’s end of summer laser show celebration. Though the laser display was more like someone’s screensaver projected on a big screen, vendors served yummy bites – I heard something about strawberry shortcake – and’s RadioBDC played lots of U2. It was no Y2K experience, but a great time for families to enjoy one last summer evening together.

But the Frog Pond doesn’t need another gimmick. It doesn’t need lasers.

It’s a Boston landmark in its uniqueness. Kids in Boston flock to the spray pool in the summer – there’s something very exciting about fountains. It’s a great place for even the “big” kids in all of us to be active, too. The Frog Pond hosts free yoga classes on summer Tuesdays, and the tennis courts on the Common are always popular in the fall.

In a few months U2 will be replaced by Christmas tunes and the Frog Pond will ice over, becoming the winter wonderland we all love.

When I moved here for school, I imagined myself taking study breaks to build snowmen by the library. My friends and I would embrace winter, just like those happy people from the December LLBean catalog. I didn’t foresee Commonwealth Avenue turning into a wind tunnel, covered in black ice and slush. It wasn’t until my floormates went ice skating on the Frog Pond that I found the winter wonderland I had pictured.

There were no gimmicks, just Nat King Cole, hot cocoa, and sore feet. That’s my first memory of the Frog Pond, and I like it just the way it is.