Why I Love Boston: Matt N.

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then, um, I have lots of words?

Why do I love Boston?  Let me show you.

I love the Sox and their beloved chapel of baseball – Fenway Park.

I love our sports fans.  You want passion and loyalty? We win.

I love our history – Bunker Hill, the Freedom Trail, Paul Revere’s ride – the list is endless in Boston.

I love our stellar food – like my favorite restaurants, Grotto (try the short ribs) and Trattoria il Panino (can’t go wrong with lobster ravioli).

I love Mike’s cannolis.  And yes, it’s better than Modern.

I love Harpoon (and their festivals)…

…and I love a good cigar.

I love our parks and landmarks.

I love our city so much, that when I was buying my first place, I decided this would be my view to the south.  Love that dirty water, Boston, you’re my home.