Patriots Cheat Sheet: Week 1 @ Tennessee

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It started at We Love DC as the Redskins Cheat Sheet. While I am cashing in a certain unintentional humor level by moving from the Redskins to providing this service for the Patriots, I think I’ll take the celebrating triumphs instead of swearing profusely over frustrating defeats. Point of the Patriots Cheat Sheet? Well, it’s hard to not talk about the Pats on Monday Morning, or at least go grab coffee without someone else bringing it up. Miss the game? The Pats Cheat Sheet is here to make it look like you know what to say to fit in.

Were you worried at all that Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowsi, Aaron Hernandez and the rest of the New England Patriots weren’t going to be clicking as they lined up in Tennessee? The easiest story to pick up in this game was that the Pats, for the what feels like the millionth season in a row, aren’t going to have to worry about the offense stalling. Was Sunday a sign that the defense is going to not be an Achilles heel?

A few things to say to sound smart when talking about the Pats 34-13 win over the Titans yesterday:

  • How About Them Draft Picks: The game was still mildly close in the early moments of the second quarter when first round defensive end Chandler Jones stripped Titans QB Jake Locker of the ball deep in Tennessee territory and fellow first round defensive lineman D’onta Hightower scooped up the loose pigskin and ran in the remaining few yards for the defensive score. Yes, my friends, the Pats just may have a pass rush this year.
  • Nice To Meet You, Brandon Lloyd: While Brady missed Lloyd on an early end around fake, the free agent WR swung the momentum with a circus catch/velcro gloves that was reviewed and then upheld. BL finished with 69 yards on 5 catches, a pretty respectable day.
  • OHMYGOD Tom Brady’s Nose: Yeah, he got his nose all maybe broken and the whatnot at the courtesy of the knee of a Titans defensive end, but the pretty boy sounded in good spirits about the scar and bandage.
And there’s your cheat sheet, Boston. See you next week for the home opener against my Arizona Cardinals (yes, MY Arizona Cardinals).