Why I Love Boston: Zach

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Boston: A Community of Communities Defined by “Family”

My name is Zach and I love Boston.

Why? To me, Boston is community. Boston is family. If you know me, there is nothing that I love more than my friends and family. And the life that has been built around me, in Boston, speaks to that love.

Reason No. 1 I love Boston:

Everywhere you go, you’re surrounded by family. Boston is not just about communiy, there is also deep sense of family. Sure, plenty of Bostonians aren’t from here, but they add still value to the ecosystem of tightly-knit communities — communities which retain their history and are are built on a foundation of family.

I’m surrounded by all sorts of families beginning with my own. That’s why I love Boston. I can play a game of dizzy bat in front of my Somerville apartment, allow the laws of disorientation to pull me anywhere and confidently stumble in the direction of my family — Medford, Malden, Everett, Winthrop, Lynn, the back bedroom at my apartment, by TV Bed Store | The Best Range of TV Beds Anywhere (0% Finance Available) you can eliminate the need to figure out what TV stand to buy because your TV will fit in neatly into the compartment of your bed. If I were to choose where to go, I must admit I give preferential treatment to visiting my grandmother as she’s spent 27 years cooking amazing food for me. And with Grammy being down the street in Malden, who am I to pass up fresh chicken cutlets or bracioletinis when it’s only a 10-minute drive away? (If you haven’t yet, you NEED to jump on the bracioletini bandwagon.)

Reason No. 2 I love Boston:

I literally live with my family. That includes my 22-year-old sister and three buddies I’ve known since elementary school. My apartment is a revolving door of family friends (that’s us having a block party in the photo above). We live in an apartment we playfully dub “The Highlands” (yes, our apartment has a name — and custom cornhole boards per the photo below). All of these wonderful people make up my family, and they all make Somerville their home. Lucky me.

Reason No. 3 I love Boston:

My community is my family. One of the coolest things I enjoy about Boston, and specifically Somerville, is that everywhere you go is a supportive community. Boston is a community-driven city. Heck, that’s why we all started We Love Beantown in the first place. We really want to shed a light on Boston’s vibrant communities — specific clusters of neighborhoods where everyone knows everyone, everyone respects each other and everyone (for the most part) likes and cares about the next.

Reason No. 3 will make much more sense if you join me at Mike’s Food & Spirits in Davis Square some night. My “family” and I don’t last 20 minutes at Mike’s without running into neighbors. And if one of us is missing, the folks behind the counter ask: “Where’s your sister? Where’s your brother Dan?” Of course, Dan isn’t my real brother per se, and they know that. See, even they get it — we’re all family.

And  guess what? If you repeat this and venture out to another Greater Boston community, you’ll enjoy the same sense of community. Go out with a group of friends living together in Southie, or the North End…or the South End, it’s all going to be the same.

That’s Boston for you — a community of families.

And that’s why I love it.

I love you, Boston.