Red Sox Schedule 2013: April Fools Kickoff in Yankee Stadium, Random Interleague Games Late

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The 2013 Red Sox Schedule is out, and there is a lot of jumping to the April 1st kickoff against the Yanks. We are far from knowing what the team will look like, but hopefully at least there’ll be some reasons to dust off our fandom that has been hidden in shame since July. It is the Yankees.

The schedule gets quirky, fast, though, and a lot of that has to do with next season being the first in which the Houston Astros join the AL. Why is that weird? Because unbalanced leagues mean interleague all season long, in random waves.

An actual home-and-home that starts Memorial Day with two at Fenway against Philadelphia before finishing out the four game set week at Citizens Bank Park? Late August swing to San Fran and LA for the Dodgers (aka, the 2012 Boston Red Sox)? Ending the season with a two day jaunt to the Rockies and then three games in Camden after a home stand?

I vote contraction of two teams to get back to 14 and 14. I’m also against the pitcher hitting.