We Love Weekends – Sept. 14-16

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Our authors share their plans for fun stuff in town…

Zach: Tonight I’m going to Jacob Wirth’s, which apparently is a Boston staple that features beers, brats and more. I guess I’m the only townie that didn’t know about this place. My friends gave me a lot of shit for that. Shame on me. I’m continuing the beer theme on Saturday by attending the Paulaner Biergarten at Old Magoun’s Saloon in Somerville. Sunday, I’m attempting to shed all the gained weight from my two days of beer drinking with a 100K charity bike ride — Devin’s Ride in Westport, MA — with WLBT Editor Dan Rowinski.

Drea: Tonight is pretty low key, with drinks in Kenmore, likely at Island Creek Oyster Bar. (Have you had the Snug Harbor? It’s delicious and will knock you on your ass). Tomorrow, we’re checking out a wedding venue in Cohasset, MA, before heading to the Beantown Pub for a birthday party. Sunday, I’ll head over to my favorite neighborhood, The South End, for South End Open Studios to see some local art before heading down to the Seaport for dinner before the Avett Brothers at Bank of America Pavilion!

Dibble: I’m heading out of town for most of the weekend to visit with family and hopefully catch some early fall foliage on the way. I’m planning to head back early on Sunday to squeeze in some sailing on the river at Community Boating and hopefully catch the Pats game. If I were in town on Saturday, I would probably swing by Somerville Riverfest to check out the food trucks and live music.

Gretchen: Things will get a little weird tonight at the midnight showing of Santa Sangre at the Coolidge, but I’m ready for Halloween already. I’m heading  to the ICA tomorrow night to see the Os Gemeos exhibit that I’ve heard so much about, and since it’s the third Saturday of the month, guests will enjoy live performances by local musicians. Talk about culcha! If I had bought tickets sooner, I would definitely be joining some high school friends tomorrow at Symphony Hall for Showdown @ Symphony where four squash players from Egypt and England will display their prowess on a portable court! I’m reserving Sunday to organize my new apartment, and maybe some vintage shopping on Charles Street at Artifaktori.

Dave: I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for some time, but I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to be able to pull it all off. It starts tonight with plenty of old roommates visiting for the evening as we hit up old college haunts around Cleveland Circle (I’m looking at you, Roggie’s), and then I’m following it up Saturday with a mass at Fenway Park – incidentally, not my first mass at a professional baseball stadium, different story, though – in honor of the sesquicentennial of Boston College. I’ll join up with a friend’s wedding ceremony and reception after that. Sunday will be a combination of boating on the river at CBI and then finding a place to watch my Cardinals get absolutely blown out by the Patriots (I’m thinking Tavern in Central).

Matt N.:  Tonight and Saturday night, inspired by seeing Ben Folds Five last night in Holyoke, I’ll be melting faces and playing all your favorite songs down at Howl, possibly followed by a 3 a.m. trip to Chau Chow City over in Chinatown.  During the day on Saturday I’ll be out and about in town, adding photos to the Flickr pool, maybe even a little Bed, Bath, and Beyond (I don’t know, not sure if I’ll have time).  Sunday, however, I will be heading south to Foxborough to watch Dave’s Cardinals get absolutely blown out by the Patriots, in person.

Jarret: I’m attending a little post-post-wedding celebration with friends tonight at Eastern Standard. Despite their deep cocktail menu, I always feel like I order the same drink, and it’s always too sweet. Your suggestion is requested. Tomorrow I am looking forward to performing at a lovely wedding in East Cambridge. Robbie Hart, be forewarned: I can play Spandau Ballet too. Sunday will see a lengthy afternoon bike ride up into Bedford. With the near-autumn forecast I dread, yet fully expect, to see a few fallen leaves.

Maloney: I have a confession. I’ve never seen ‘Finding Nemo’. That will change on Saturday when I head over to the AMC Loews Boston to see the movie… In 3D! I’ll bring Kleenex since it’s a Pixar movie and I assume I will cry my eyes out a minimum of three times. Before that, on Friday, I’ll be at Porter Square Book’s Read Local, Drink Local supporting two things I love: drinking and free samples. Sunday the roommates and I are venturing out to Watertown to get brunch at Deluxe Town Diner. After that I might bug Levy if he is at Tavern to cheer on Chicago’s other football team, the Cardinals.

Matt C.: It’s finally feeling like fall, which means one thing: it’s time for pumpkin-flavored everything. There’s coffee and baked goods, sure, but most importantly there’s beer. That’s why I’m working to rally up a group to head out to Sunset in Allston tonight for tasty pumpkin brews from across the country. Later in the weekend, I’m planning to head out to Medford to hike the Skyline Trail in Middlesex Fells Reservation, which like Blue Hills to the south provides the feel of being far from the city just a short drive away.