Beantown in Pixels

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I thought I knew this city pretty well, but Phil Boucher has taken it to a whole new level. Color me impressed: without using a map, he recreated the entire city of Boston as a virtual town in Sim City 4, dubbed (what else?) ‘Beantown.’

I’m not much of a gamer, but I remember playing Sim City in middle school and I thought just maintaining a city was challenging enough, but to create Beantown in all its glory in a computer game is pretty remarkable.

Boucher payed close attention to the nuances of Boston’s various neighborhoods and, given the limitations of the game, did an excellent job depicting them in his virtual Beantown.

So, he may have created this masterpiece six years ago, but that doesn’t detract from how cool and creepily accurate it is. Check out everything from Post Office Square to Mission Hill and all kinds of fun stuff in between in Boucher’s 2006 ArchBoston posting.