Julia Stiles Gets Cozy with Boston-Native David Walton on The Common

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More people than usual spent their lunch break at The Common today to catch a glimpse of Julia Stiles and co-star David Walton shooting a scene for The Makeover.

Being out of touch with celebrity news, I had no idea Stiles was in town, and was completely unaware of the situation when I passed a man handing out cups of ice water to passersby. Then I realized, this adult-run, popup lemonade stand was actually the craft services for a movie shoot!

Stiles has also been spotted in Charlestown and the South End shooting for the Hallmark TV movie, set to air next spring. In 2003, Stiles played the role of pupil in Mike Newell’s “Mona Lisa Smile,” but this time she’s the professor. The story, based on a novel by George Bernard, tells of a woman (Stiles) who comes back to Boston in hopes of making a man from South Boston into a Congressman.

Though “The Makeover” won’t make it to the big screen, we are excited to see a Boston movie that’s not written or directed by Ben Affleck or Matt Damon– though we do love them!

It’s always good to see Boston natives make it in “the bizz.” David Walton the 33 year-old Boston native, plays the “madeover” man from Southie. We’re thinking there may be some on-screen romance between the professor and her potential politician. They looked pretty cozy together in front of the camera!