Start the Morning With A Gorgeous Timelapse Video Tour Through Boston

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Do you have a favorite spot in Boston?

A place where you can go and just sit for hours watching people, cars, or boats go by?

Chances are it’s featured in Vimeo user YaoLi‘s timelapse video “The City of Boston,” and he too has spent hours there, documenting the heartbeat of Boston.

For your feel-good, inspirational moment of the day, click play on this bad boy and get ready to be infused with “Oh my God, I Love Boston” warm fuzzies set to music by Hans Zimmer.

Now, take a minute to appreciate the time, effort, and skill that went in to making this – six months of it, the amateur photographer writes.

And while the changing skies, clouds moving, lights flickering, and sunsets are great, we Bostonians know that some pretty typical New England weather is missing from this video. YaoLi, where’s the rain? Gusty wind? Snow? Sleet?

Take a minute to share your favorite scene with us!

Mine? I might be a bit partial to the labyrinth at Boston College, but Make Way for Ducklings, the Christian Science Plaza, and the intersection at Salem and Prince in the North End (where Dino’s and Bova’s are) also have a special place in my Beantown heart!

[via Boston Dot Com]