Photo of the Week: September 19, 2012

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Odd association time, folks: Whenever I see the swan boats in the Public Garden, like those in this week’s photo, I always, without fail, think of The Trumpet of the Swan.

Introduced to this amazing story when I was a kid – Thanks for reading it to me, Dad! – E.B. White’s lesser-known novel follows a mute, baby, trumpeter swan, Louis, who learns to read and write from a boy named Sam. And then he learns to play the trumpet – clearly, to woo a lady swan, Serena.

There’s a bit more to it, but basically guy gets girl, or cob gets pen, if we want to use proper swan-speak. In the story, Louis gets a job in Boston, playing his trumpet for the swan boats, and he gets to stay a night at the Ritz.

The boats are finished for the season, but you can expect them back in April. Confession: I’ve never been on a swan boat tour before (or a Duck Tour, but that’s for another post!). We may need to remedy that in spring, and in honor of Louis and E.B. White’s book, maybe I’ll bring along a trumpet. Or a vuvuzela!

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