PikeHenge: It’s That Time of Year

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New Yorkers have Manhattanhenge, and let’s be honest, it’s cool.

However, if you have “one way streets that go in circles” as opposed to “neat, master planned grid system”, it is very, very challenging to repeat the phenomenon in Boston.

Except in one track of land: the Mass Turnpike. As this week marks the autumnal equinox, the offset path of the sun from its summer peak means we are at a point in the year where it shines very brightly in the twilight hours directly over commuters on I-90 in the city.

I call it PikeHenge. Not nearly as catchy, but oh well and as the sun was abusing my eyes on Sunday evening out to the ‘burbs, I thought it was clever.

This is a friendly neighborhood PSA to be very careful if you take the pike into town in the morning or out to the suburbs in the evening. For another week or so, we are still at the height of PikeHenge. Be careful on the on ramps and know that looking back into mirrors, even if you’re going the other direction, could give you an eyeful of spots.