For Bruins Fans, The NHL Lockout Is The Pits

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This fall, the Red Sox have already broken my heart, the Pats lost and apparently I’m going to be too busy hating the Miami Heat to cheer on the Celtics. Don’t worry Doc, I didn’t need you to tell me to hate the Heat: I’ve been doing that for a few years now.

Now is the perfect time for me to focus all my sports love on the Bruins. A relative newbie to hockey, I really enjoy learning new things each time I watch a game. Except that in the run up to this season all I’m hearing about is collective bargaining agreements, hockey-related revenues (what?) and how the lockout effects the Canadian teams. Please, like we care about the Habs…

All the research I’ve done on this strike has taught me something: we shouldn’t care about the lockout. There are real strikes in the country and real collective bargaining issues happening. The important thing is that the hockey players and the administrations for the teams need to get this sorted out quickly. Everyone from beer vendors to security to janitors are being affected by this lockout. Arguments over the maximum number of years a player can be signed to a team is not a real problem in comparison.

True, comparing the NHL lockout to any other union fight is like comparing apples to oranges. But, like most strikes, I know that we need to get these issues resolved quickly so that we can get back to having people work. People who love their jobs and want to represent their cities with pride by skating around with sticks and hitting each other. Of course I don’t have any actual ideas how to fix this problem. But if you have one, please let us know if the comments sections.

More than anything, Boston needs a team to cheer on this fall. And the Bruins are a great team, with a ferociously loyal fan base and an energy that is contagious. I really hope this issue gets resolved quickly so more and more people can become Bruins fans and fans who were around before 2011 can brag about how they were fans before the cup.

Anyone I know who is a Bruins fan is a BRUINS fan. They live, breathe, and consume all things Bruins. Last year a friends’ wedding, held just a week after the Bruins won the cup, saw all the groomsmen wearing commemorative Bruins Stanley Cup shirts under their tuxedos. I even went on a date once where we stopped by a sports store to see if a new Bruins player’s jersey was in yet. These fans are deeply loyal, I don’t know if Boston can handle a city where the Bruins don’t play hockey this year. What would Bruins fans do with all that free time?

Plus, Boston really needs a good team right now. This is the sports hub, right? Let’s allow a good team a chance to play so we can continue to make fun of New York for having an inferior sports record this millennium.