We Love Weekends – Sept. 21-23

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In which our intrepid authors emerge from the week’s morass to partake in the delights of a Boston weekend.

Zach: This weekend is the calm before another wedding storm for me next weekend, so I’m trying to keep things as low key as possible. I won’t be doing a very good job of that to begin the weekend because Friday night I’m heading to Fenway Park to catch the Orioles game. Apparently they’re playing the Red Sox, but that doesn’t matter – only playoff contenders matter this time of the year. I’m planning to get out for a bike ride on Saturday (hopefully with WLBT Editor Dan Rowinski) on the Minuteman Bikeway and beyond — explore Metro West Boston a bit and likely grab lunch at an under-the-radar Mexican joint in Waltham – Taqueria Mexico (the Yelp reviews don’t lie). Saturday night I’m planning to kick back around the corner from at my favorite Oktoberfest bar Olde Magoun’s Saloon. Sunday, my day will revolve around football, and I better be watching the Patriots bounce back strong with a win against the Ravens. If they don’t, I’m going to be extra grumpy come Monday morning.

Casey: And so it begins: Friday will find me horking some delicious sushi at Jae’s in the South End with friends, stocking up on raw fish joy before Saturday’s challenging moment(s). Two words: Engagement party. Graciously hosted by fiancé Jeff’s family, the scenery is sure to be lovely and the food is sure to be tasty at the Wellesley College Club. But it will also include meeting lots of people, making lots of small talk, and being the center of attention – OY. Drink, please? I’ve also been informed that there will be one extensive and thorough slideshow played that allegedly includes several photos provided by my own family – traitors. Flashes back to awkward years. Very. awkward. years. Let’s just say, I’ve come along way. More drinks, please? Yeaaah, and just keep them coming. Thankfully, we’ll have some of the wedding party on hand and some of our key people there too, so I think we’ll make it through. But should I partake in Sunday’s Hub on Wheels it could be a painful one, right Dibble? Sunday night, I’ll be parking myself in BC’s Bapst Library to do my Northeastern graduate school homework – identity crisis much? I have a feeling the peace and quite of Bapst will be most welcome by that point, and it will be good to return to the place where I spent (the second) most time in college. My chair had better still be there.

Maloney: Saturday I’m venturing to the suburbs first to get lunch with a friend at the Burlington Mall and then off to Bridgewater to the South Shore Curling Club to learn how to curl. Sochi 2014, here I come! Sunday I’m heading over to Newtowne Grill to catch some football before I head over to Harvard Square’s Winthrop Park to join the puppet parade to the Charles and sing a long for the Revels RiverSing to commemorate the equinox.

Drea: It’s a quiet weekend for me – we’ll be logging miles as we venue hunt across Boston and Newport. If you want to meet in person, try to find me on Saturday at Max Brenner’s for Yelp’s Brunching Book Club. Then a friend from college comes in from San Francisco, so plan to find us revisiting some old haunts around BU’s campus like T’s Pub (The Place To Meet) or acting like college kids at a decent bar that we can now afford. Maybe we’ll stay out late enough to eat some late night Chinatown cuisine at Chau Chow City.

Dibble: Busy weekend to follow a busy week! Saturday morning I’m running in Northeastern’s annual Big Dog 5K with several hunded fellow Huskies on the Esplanade. I’m determined to do some apple picking Saturday afternoon and fuel up on pumpkin ice cream and apple cider donuts (yum) so I have plenty of energy for Hub on Wheels on Sunday. (Still debating if I want to do the 30 mile course or go for the full 50 miles.) It also seems to be a big birthday weekend (including WLBT’s Gretchen!), so you’ll probably find me party hopping on Friday and Saturday evenings. On that note, maybe I should stick to 30 miles on Sunday and follow it up with a long afternoon nap…

Jarret: A former Boston roommate is visiting from New York, and it’s up to me to show him he’s living in the wrong city. The main event Saturday evening will be dinner at Sushi-Teq: I’ve never heard anyone actually eating at this odd Intercontinental Hotel restaurant (margaritas + sashimi?), but am entering with an open mind. I’d like to think we/I plan to ride Hub on Wheels, but it’s unlikely after the prior evening. Sunday afternoon, I will see if my fantasy football team performs, even to the slightest degree. What’s happened, Peyton? Larry Fitzgerald? Maybe they’ll get encouragement from referees, like LeSean McCoy.

Gretchen: My college roommate’s in town, so this weekend will be fun no matter what is on the schedule! Tonight we’re heading to Haru for sushi with friends then hitting up some of our favorite dance spots- hoping there wont be a long line at Brahmin, but if so we’ll head to Good Life for Unity Night. Saturday is low key, with a little bit of shopping and lots of pastries from Flour Bakery, my friend’s obsession. I really want to head back to SoWa market on Sunday to get more of their amazing produce and maybe some vintage furniture for the apartment.