A Reminder Why Local is Better

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Make fun if you must, but I decided this weekend that it was time to pull out my knitting needles. Inspired by some recent visits to my grandparents (my grandmother taught me to knit years ago) and the cool autumn weather, I wanted to start a new fall project.

I wasn’t really feeling any of the yarn choices I had on hand, so I popped over to a local yarn store just across the street from me in Porter Square, Mind’s Eye Yarns. It’s a very cute, little shop and even though I’ve only been there once or twice before, I’ve always found the staff there super nice and helpful. They have a great selection of yarn and fiber for just about any project and budget. They also offer classes, free patterns, etc.

On this visit, I didn’t  know exactly what I wanted, but the woman there was incredibly helpful. She really knew her stuff and encouraged me to “touch everything” and pick whatever yarn I liked best. Once I found some that I liked, she was able to recommend what needle size I should use, how long I should make my scarf and made some great suggestions to maximize my knitting efforts. She even let me back in a few hours later as she was closing up the shop so I could try and find the one set of circular needles I was missing.

After I left the shop, I walked across the street to the Porter Square shopping center to grab a few quick things from Shaw’s. As I approached the entrance, I was reminded that a Michaels is opening up next to Shaws on October 5.

I have nothing against Michaels, and I’m sure many people are excited that it will be opening soon, but it made be a bit fearful for Mind’s Eye. Michaels won’t be able to hold a candle to their service and knowledge, but I’m not sure Mind’s Eye will be able to compete with Michaels’ prices and selection.

Hopefully, service and expertise will prevail and Mind’s Eye will stay right where it is, but just a reminder of why we should think Local First (and not just for yarn and other hobbies).