Photo of the Week: September 26, 2012

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Fenway’s long winter is upon us.

Okay, so since it was just the first day of fall last weekend, maybe it’s more around the corner. But it sure feels a lot closer. Especially with the last two home games of the season this week. Fenway will see no playoff games in its 100th year.

I didn’t see any games this season for that matter. Pause for shock and awe. I know, I know, and I call myself a Bostonian. And while I may have missed seeing the Red Sox play in Fenway’s milestone year, apparently I at least picked a good season for it!

End of grumbling, and I won’t bring up the loss(es) again. It was really cool however, to watch the 2004 World Series team last night, with Pedro Martinez and Kevin Millar up in the box with Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy, and I definitely appreciate the increased former Sox cameos and Fenway appearances this year. Yay nostalgia!

So as The Cathedral of Boston prepares to hunker down and hibernate for the winter, we can turn our thoughts to Gillette and hope for another Snow Bowl, right? Errr…okay, maybe we won’t talk about the Pats either right now.

It’s not to early to start to think about ski season or to plan your snowy Boston photos! If you’ve got some from years past – and we know we’ve had some super snowy ones – add them to our We Love Beantown Flickr!