Aporkcalypse Now: The WLBT Staff Weighs in on the Bacon Shortage

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There appears to be a major crisis looming: a global bacon crisis.

If time is truly running out on the food that sounds like applause when you fry it, what better opportunity to discuss. We asked the WLBT staff their thoughts on where their favorite places to find bacon in Boston are, and the answers (because they weren’t all glowingly positive) surprised us.

Dave: When it comes to anything from the cured meat family, my quest in Boston always starts at South End’s Salty Pig. Between the craft beer choices, the friendly staff, the moleskine notebook check books, great music and, of course, wide selection of bacon and its ilk, this is a favorite local of mine. I may have to move in until this looming crisis ends.

Casey: I hate bacon. So I think this bacon shortage is just what Boston needs. It’s a silly meat really, and I don’t say this because I have an actual legitimate reason, like being a vegetarian. I am most definitely a meat eater (sometimes to my own chagrin), I just don’t think bacon’s worth my time. I don’t like the taste, I don’t like the texture, I don’t like its flavors intruding on other foods’ in dishes, it’s terrifying uncooked, it’s incredibly unhealthy – just. evil. Why eat bacon when you can eat other yummy parts of our piggy friends: Ribs, pulled pork, ham, boneless spareribs, pork fried rice…OINK! Best get out and eat some pork while we’ve still got it! Just skip the bacon.

Jarret:  Our fair city is saturated with gastropubs. You can order a charcuterie plate with the finest artisan cured meats on every block of the Back Bay. It’s also filled with Irish bars: while Green Briar and the Lansdowne serve a solid baconated breakfast, my favorite bacon is an essential part of a balanced (Scotch) breakfast at The Haven in Jamaica Plain. As Boston’s proud, and only, Scottish restaurant and bar, I ride the #39 just beyond Heath Street for their house smoked bacon, black pudding, sausage, and a pint of wee heavy. The menu even includes a glossary in case the dialect leaves me befuddled.

Maloney: I’ve been a vegetarian for a dozen years now so I’m not too upset about a bacon shortage. I’m not gonna try to guilt anyone into feeling bad about eating meat, but I will tell you that if you are looking to skip it for a meal, head over to Temple Bar in Cambridge. Their Vegetarian Charcuterie Board is amazing.  You won’t even notice you aren’t eating meat. While you’re there check out their beer and cocktail menu. They even have my new favorite cider, Downeast.

Drea: I, too, am a vegetarian. I like places that offer hearty vegetarian versions of your favorite carnivorous favorites, like Mike + Patty’s(curiously closed until further notice.) A full-time closing would be devastating to my weekend routine. The Friendly Toast also offers vegetarian-friendly options, and I’ve been known to dive into their soy-BLT.