Are You Fit for Office?

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Boston Sports Club Fit for Office

Politics can get people pretty fired up – especially in an election year.

Heart rates spike, you’re breathing hard, beads of sweat form on your face. It’s a workout.

Literally. For the next six weeks, starting today, until the nation decides between Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, Boston Sports Clubs (BSC) is offering election-themed workouts on Thursdays at 12 p.m. in their Government Center location. (Non-Boston Sports Clubs members don’t fret, check out day passes at BSC to take “Fit for Office!”)

If you’re looking for something new in your fitness routine – and you should, changing up your workout helps push your body past plateaus, challenging it in new ways – nonpartisan “Fit for Office” offers a full body smear campaign. In the 55-minute circuit class you can do:

Boston Sports Club, Fit for Office

  • Paul Ryan Abs: Left to right oblique twists.
  • Michelle ObamaArms: Pushups.
  • Balance the Budget: One-legged squats on a Bosu ball.
  • Swing States: Kettle bell swings.
  • Get on your soapbox: Box jumps

“Voter TKO” features various boxing combinations with their mask-wearing trainer of their choice – “Obama” or “Romney.” Partner activities like “Pass the Buck,” involve passing a medicine ball back and forth, and “Crossing Party Lines,” is where, facing your partner, you do a pushup, extend one arm and slap the hand of your partner’s extended arm.

To cool it all off at the end and improve flexibility, you can join in on one of politicians’ favorite pastimes: “Stretching the Truth.”