We Love Weekends: September 28 – 30

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In may be rainy, but we’ve got some ideas for the weekend…

Casey: I’m so ready for some college football on Saturday, BC vs. Clemson, and likely some pizza treats after! Should we go for Pino’s,Upper Crust, or Brickhouse, fellow Beantowners? Sunday will see some hardcore wedding planning taking place with a visit to the Charles Museum of Industry and Innovation with our caterer. Wedding venue aside, it is an awesome museum and with a rainy weekend in the forecast, you should check it out! One thing I really wanted to do this weekend but just can’t squeeze in is to hit up the Berklee Beantown Jazz Festival. Get your galoshes, umbrella, and raincoat ready and head over to it so I can live vicariously through you!

Maloney: I’ll be hanging out with some friends in Downtown Crossing. I’ll probably get there early to get a snack from the Clover Food Truck. Tomorrow I’m hoping to head out to Coolidge Corner to see The Master at Coolidge Corner Theatre. Hopefully I’ll get a bite to eat at Hops N Scotch. Sunday, I’ll be on a plane to Indianapolis. (Contain your excitement.) If I was here, I’d likely be heading out to do some apple picking.

Dave: I’m out of town this weekend – dear friends, please stop getting married it’s making me lonely. If I was here, though, you probably could find me at a combination of events such as Harpoon’s Octoberfest, BC-Clemson out in Chestnut Hill or maybe a nostalgic trip up to the Topsfield Fair if time would have allowed.

Matt N:  For the first time in a while, I have all my weekend nights free, so I’ll be living it up at Harpoon Octoberfest, which I’ll be covering for your enjoyment. Also planning on a Saturday morning apple picking session (hot cider and donuts? Yes please) in Andover. Finally, planning on the Asgard for some brunch on Sunday morning, because brunch is hardcore.

Drea: I have ventured out of Boston to Connecticut for a dear friend’s wedding in which I am a groom’s lady. Tonight, post rehearsal dinner at Barcelona in New Haven, we will be venturing to Karaoke Heroes, a super hero themed karaoke bar with killer decor. The wedding will be at the Hartford Society Room, a converted bank. Followed by bottomless mimosas, what could be better. On Sunday, I’m trying to hit up SOWA to buy some Weehah! Cards before dinner with college friends at Zocalo. Annnndddd….scene.

Dibble: I’ll be hitting up the Fenway batting cages tonight at Game On! for tonight’s “Be a HERO Bash.” The rest of the weekend I’ve intentionally left pretty open since it’s the first weekend in a while that I’m both in town and don’t have crazy amounts prior commitments and/or races. Still contemplating Harpoon Octoberfest tomorrow and hoping to check out some of the local farmers’ markets (in Union Square or Harvard). If the weather decides to clear up at any point, I may try to squeeze in some kayaking at CBI, otherwise I’ll probably just catch up on some much needed sleep!

Jarret: It’s a working weekend for me, but I will be getting a jump on fall roadtrips that are the envy of the city-bound. I’m performing at the University of New Hampshire this evening and may possibly get a glimpse of changing leaves on the way north to Durham. Tomorrow I’m performing at a wedding in Lakeville, famously home to Ocean Spray. It’s harvesting season, friends: maybe they’ll let me get a jump on Cranberry Harvest Celebration on the way to the venue…