Patriots Cheat Sheet: Week 4 @ Buffalo

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It was a rainy Sunday, so football watching was a great way to spend the day inside. Didn’t get around to it, but know you’ll have to fake it in a conversation this morning? The Patriots Cheat Sheet has you covered.

I know it’s weird to say it, given the final score, but this game had plenty of moments when there was a little shaky there for a little? The Patriots, who have spent the last decade dominating the Bills, looked pretty likely to drop a game in Buffalo for the second straight season until they broken the game open with 31 points in the fourth quarter.

In saving themselves from 1-3 and clawing back to .500, here’s a few things to look to when it came to overcoming the Bills:

  • Points Not at a Premium: Buffalo may have picked up one of the biggest free agent signings with defensive end Mario Williams, but the Buffalo defense was certainly leaking like a sieve when it came to facing the Patriots. When it came to offense, the Patriots used just about every weapon available: familiar guys like someone named Tom Brady contributed, as well as a range of other supporting players including Stevan Ridley, Brandon Bolden and Danny Woodhead.
  • Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo: There is a famous sentence invoking the word buffalo, and as you may know, it is in fact grammatically correct. I think we earned an extra verb form when referring to the Bills. You see, even up 21-7 in the third, they found away to lose to the Pats in spectacular fashion. My friends, that is Buffaloing, and now they are 1-17 in their last 18 tries against New England.
  • Fantasy conundrum: Do you just pick up anyone on the Patriots, now? Are we back to that strategy? These were video game stats from all of those players named above.

Next week, the Pats host an old friend by the name of Peyton Manning, although he’ll be wearing different colors as a member of the Broncos instead of the Colts. Join us Monday morning to cheat sheet your way through the game if you miss the late afternoon start.