Underrated Restaurants: Gran Gusto

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Boston has no shortage of popular eateries. From time to time, however, a very good restaurant seems to fall through the cracks and misses out on the recognition it deserves. In this semi-regular series, we will share our picks for those underrated dining spots that might strike your fancy.

Up first: Gran Gusto

This eatery, run by Italian-transplants Nino and Antonio, is full of heavy accents and cheek kisses for regulars. The award-winning Chef Giuseppe Castellano honed his skills in Italy before bringing authentic Italian flavors to the East Coast. In fact, ingredients are delivered from Italy weekly.

Gran Gusto is surely off the beaten path; I had never heard of it until I worked near Davis Square. But once you’ve taste-tested the enormous paninis served on hot, homemade bread or bitten into their small (but shareable) pizzas, you might just become a regular. If you are trying to keep it light, they have a killer eggplant parm-esque app, or super fresh calamari salad. (I would temper my statements about their food when it comes to their soup – avoid those if possible.)

In the warmer months, there’s an outdoor to complement the ample space inside (plus free parking in the back) for those of you who make the trek. The menu rotates regularly and is clearly made with care each day with super tasty, fresh ingredients. For my work colleagues and I (and many of us who work in the Brickyard Collaboration Space), Gran Gusto is a super popular lunch destination, so I’ve rarely gone for dinner. I am, however, always pleased to hear that someone had dinner at this ‘secret’ spot.

We want to hear from you too – tell us your favorite or forgotten spots in the comments.