Columbus Day and Reputation Management

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Today is Columbus Day, but many do not have the day away from the office. We’re going to be a little slower around here today, too, so to those of you who are stuck at work, we apologize.

A quick day off rant in the meantime.

Can we all admit something? Whoever was in charge of Christopher Columbus’s PR did a hell of a job. He was an Italian, working for the Spanish, and the guy didn’t even land in America! Now it’s a minor federal holiday on an ambiguous date in October. I, for one, wish I had that kind of reputation management skills.

I mean, it runs deeper than a holiday. We have kitschy mnemonic devices to keep our dates straight (“In 1492, Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue”). We studied the names of the ships. Who doesn’t know the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria?

Once again. Didn’t actually land in America. Got LOST trying to get to the Indian Ocean. Brought diseases. Boom. National Holiday.

That, my friends, is some damn good public relations.