Patriots Cheat Sheet: Week 5 vs Denver

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Your office has the potential to be empty in honor of Columbus Day, but if you are among the many who don’t have the holiday off, the Patriots Cheat Sheet will help you wade your way through any relevant conversations from last night’s victory over the Broncos.

Different uniform, same Peyton Manning-Tom Brady rivalry. The Pats could have won by 30, you still would have been holding on for dear life until the clocks said 00:00. We’ve seen them play each other a dozen times, we know how this script goes. Here’s a few things to note from the win:

  • Welker’s Back: One theme early this year was around Wes Welker and the lack of targets and receptions. Well, 13 catches and this one and it looks like Brady and his favorite receiver are on the same page. How quickly the narrative can change in a few weeks, eh?
  • Running Back by Committee: In the past few years, we had a running back who had enough names to cover an entire backfield. This year, with the departure of Benjarvus Green-Ellis, there were questions about the running game. Luckily, not one but two guys stepped up to help the Patriots create a balance offensive game. Stevan Ridley and Brandnon Bolden were at it again yesterday, amassing 200 yards and one score between the two of them, most of them coming from Ridley.
  • Classic Manning: Hopefully we can get an update over at, because that was classic Manning. Lots of yards, a few scores, but coming up just short to Brady.

Next week, another late afternoon game as the Pats will be out on the west coast to face the Seahawks. See you next week.