Forget Farm Shares. Let’s Talk about Fish Shares.

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Farm shares are pretty cool. What’s not to like about a pile of fresh, local adventurous dropped at your doorstep to play with each week? It forces you to explore new dishes, lest you let an entire (expensive) box of produce rot. The guilt is too much.

But there’s a new kid on the block – fish shares. The Cape Cod Fish Share provides local, sustainably-caught fish to participants. One of the coolest parts – it’s totally traceable – from the vessel the fish was caught on to the boat captain on the day of the catch. Another draw – each week, customers will get a ‘common’ type of fish (think haddock or cod) along with some less common species, often not readily available elsewhere.

While the fish share isn’t necessarily brand new, this year was the first time pickup was available at the Copley Square Farmer’s Market (Tuesdays only). There are four available share types – good options for those interested in just trying it out all the way through a large share, optimal for sharing with your neighbor. Two of the options even provide you with 4 fresh lobsters one week!

Five-week shares are available 5 times per year – and the Late Fall Share is coming soon. Do you want to share one with me? I promise that I won’t give you whatever the Fish Share equivalent of Kale is.