My Expired Daily Deals and What Could Have Been

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Hi my name is Alex… and I like a deal.

I buy quality on sale; scrounge through the mess that is TJMaxx and Marshalls, so I can pick up buried gems such as a sweet Marc Jacobs bracelet, or a Michael Kors purse. If you know me you know I like nice things, but at a normal person budget.

You may say, well that’s not bad Alex. You are after a deal, a steal, a spiked heel (sorry couldn’t help myself). The problem comes when I mesh my love of Boston with my shopaholic tendencies. The result is not a closet full of Lobster stuffed animals and Red Sox shirts, but here…mostly online…I binge…on shopping for a “yummy” deal.

Groupon has recently allowed customers who have purchased deals that have “expired” to use the value they paid for the Groupon at the retailer. People may ask, “Who needs that? I always use my Deals!”. Me that’s who. Unlike the new Calvin Klein dress I bought and wear often, I buy Deals to every restaurant that I have ever wanted to try, heard on Phantom Gourmet, or walked by. I buy them to Thai Restaurants, Sushi Bars, and places I frequent every week… yet I forget to redeem them.

I have discovered incredible places to eat, with the Deals I have used. I tried Spicy Lobster Maki at O-sushi in the Prudential Mall, Coconut Naan at Mela in the South End, and the “Latin Fondu Broth” at The Wine Cellar in the Back Bay. I have neglected trying asian fusion at Ginger Pad, grabbing a beer at The Lower Depths, and “contemporary pizza” at Easy Pie to the point of expiration. I’m not sure what I can do to rid myself of my absentminded-foodie-neglectfulness, other than quit cold turkey.

At this current point I am 168 days sober. Although it was not food related, the last deal I purchased was for Major League Bocce off of Boston Daily Deals. I redeemed that one… and I’m glad I did!  I met some incredible new friends this summer! 🙂

Boston is a great city to try new foods and discover new places. Don’t be like me… a Groupon/Living Social/ Boston Deal absent-minded addict. Use your Daily Deals!