Patriots Cheat Sheet: Week 6 @ Seattle

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It’s that time of the year when hunkering in for a Sunday of football is a solid way to spend a rainy weekend. Of course, not all goes according to plan. If your office conversation drifts to Patriots and their end-of-game loss yesterday afternoon, you may need to be prepared. The Cheat Sheet is here with your talking points.

Two steps forward, one step back. After consecutive winning weeks, the Pats found themselves up in Seattle against what may be the best defense in the league. Unless you have Wes Welker on your fantasy team, more went wrong than went right, and the Pats fell to drop to 3-3 on the season. A few notes:

  • Everyday He’s Russell’in – Most people this year were raving about the Redskins second overall pick, Robert Griffin III (who, by the way, did have his own highlight yesterday) as a mobile quarterback with an arm. It’s easy to forget that Seattle didn’t too bad for themselves in snagging former Wisconsin (slash NC State) QB Russell Wilson. Wilson hooked up with receivers twice for scores in the fourth quarter, helping Seattle overcome a 13-point deficit and snatch a W.
  • Shutdown Running – The secret to the Pats success these last few weeks has involved a balanced attack. When Brady passes 58 times, that clear wasn’t achieved, but in a way he had to – three running backs tried to get passed the strong Seattle front seven, and no one could. Bolden, Ridley and Woodhead combined for just 87 yards between them.
  • Not Taking Advantage – Just before the half, New England found itself in shockingly good field position. Sitting on Seattle’s 3 yard line up 20-10, the Hoodie made the call to go for the touchdown – a 17 point lead at half would have been nice. Yet when the play was over, the halftime gun had sounded and the Pats had no extra points on the board. It would have been a momentum moment that could have led to a much more confident second half.

The Patriots must pick themselves up because there is an important matchup with division rivals from New Jersey, the Jets, coming up in Week 7. We’ll see you after that one, too, at the Cheat Sheet.