Potbelly Is Expanding In Boston And My Waistline

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It’s here! It’s here! It’s here!

Okay, it’s gonna be here.

According to permits posted last week, Boston’s third Potbelly is going to be at the former Chicago Uno’s Pizza in Porter Square.

Over the last week, the AT&T store, travel agency and salon have all moved out of Porter Square Galleria. But permits posted on the former Uno’s indicate that Potbelly’s third restaurant will be coming to Porter Square.

Just to recap, the Pier One and Kool Smiles dental office has already closed to make space for the MegaWalgreens and most of the stores on the first floor on the other side of the Galleria have closed in the last few weeks. The Planet Fitness and Anna’s Taquerira are still open. So now it looks like we’re going to have options when it comes to where to pig out after working out at the gym. Anna’s and Potbelly’s.

This is like my own Sophie’s Choice of delicious food.

I mean, on one hand, Anna’s has some pretty great burritos. The veggies are super fresh and the tortilla shells are sticky and delicious. Oh, and the guacamole has sour cream in it!

Then there’s Potbelly’s. I have already declared my love of Potbelly. The sandwiches are crazy good, the cookies are gooey and chewy. AND THEY PUT BUTTER COOKIES ON THE MILKSHAKES.

Clearly, I’m not a foodie.

I think we should wait until the Potbelly opens up and then go to both Anna’s and Potbelly, split and sandwich and burrito and judge for ourselves.