This is a public service announcement: Register to vote.

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Ok Beantown, tell the truth:

Are you registered to vote in the November 6th election? Really?

The Massachusetts voter registration deadline is tomorrow night – Wednesday, October 17th. Here’s what you need to do:

Check to see if you’re registered. If you live in Boston, go to the City of Boston’s website to look up your voter registration status. You can also call the city’s Election Department at 617-635-3767 and ask to verify that you’re registered to vote. (Don’t live in Boston? Look up your elections official.)

If you’re not registered, fill out the form. The MA Secretary of the Commonwealth has forms in English, Spanish and Chinese. Print one, fill it out, and stick it in the mailbox by tomorrow night. Rock the Vote also has any easy online form to help you fill out the form – but you still need to print it and mail it.

If you’ve moved within Boston since your last election, tell the Election Department. Write to the Boston Election Department and let them know, or fill out of a new voter registration form and fill out the box “address at which you were last registered to vote.” The address is: City of Boston Election Department, City Hall, Room 241, Boston, MA 02201.

If you’ve moved to a new city, fill out a new form.

I love Beantown because Beantown votes. Just don’t forget to register.