Go Local MetroBoston Keeps It…Well…Local

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The premise behind Go Local MetroBoston is simple.

Shop locally and reward those who do. The women behind Go Local MetroBoston are impressive to say the least. We caught up with Erin Anderson, Go Local’s Director of Community Development, who is happily back in Boston after quite the tour around the country. Some things you should know about Erin up front – she’s unabashedly friendly, she knows everyone, and she really believes in making Boston (and the world) a better place.

Without further ado, let’s get to know one of Boston’s best-kept secrets: Go Local MetroBoston.

The company is local, social entrepreneurial, and mission-driven, working to champion the local and independent businesses that make Boston unique, while rewarding the people that support them. Go Local’s aim is to bring local businesses more revenue by increasing the frequency of visits from existing clientele. There’s a non-profit aim as well: to create sustainable lines of revenue to reduce dependency on federal and state grants and loans. For residents, Go Local MetroBoston encourages community members to shop locally when possible. The benefits are plentiful: even a 10% shift in consumer spending has resounding effects on the number of dollars that stay within the community. That is the funding that goes towards creating jobs and building sustainable, healthy, and safe neighborhoods.

Executive Director, owner and founder Natalie met Erin back home in Montana. Both Natalie and Erin came to Boston originally for school. After graduating with degrees in sociology and history, Erin spent time in Denver canvassing and educating the community with the Rape Assistance and Awareness Program. Shortly after, Erin headed back to Montana to earn a Master’s degree in intercultural youth and family development. This was followed by an AmeriCorps stint in Minneapolis. Natalie called her after seeing Go Local Austin and recruited her to come back to begin a Boston co-op of the program. To say Erin is well-versed in community efforts would be a vast understatement.

The last year has been spent getting Go Local MetroBoston off the ground. The team of four has recruited 25+ businesses in the last 2 months, a number that grows weekly. You can find the ladies selling their loyalty cards at the Northeastern and Ashmont Peabody Square Farmers’ Markets where farmers and vendors offer Go Local rewards. Additionally, the team has secured partnerships with Future Boston Alliance, Dorchester Arts Collaborative (DAC), and Discover Roxbury. Go Local MetroBoston has forged strong relationships with local leaders including City Councilor Felix Arroyo and Representative Gloria Fox.

One of the goals of Go Local MetroBoston is to encourage residents to explore new neighborhoods. On October 21st, Go Local is offering just that opportunity. In collaboration with Dorchester Arts Collaborative, Go Local is holding a brunch at Tavolo at 10:30 am. A GoLocal card ($10) must be presented for admittance (sold on site). For more information about the event, visit the registration page.

If you are a local business or non-profit who’d like to learn more or join the Go Local MetroBoston program, I’d encourage you to contact Erin.

The organization has big plans for the future, so keep your eye out for Go Local MetroBoston sightings. Grab a card and start shopping locally! You’ll be making our community stronger.