60 Minutes to Burn – Newbury Street

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Monday night scenario: You’re excited about dinner plans in Back Bay but just found out your friend will be late for dinner. You don’t have enough time to go home and come back – it’s after work and you just got off at Copley.

What do you do?

Well, here’s a guide to burning 60 minutes on Newbury.

5-5:10 Your stomach is making loud noises, but you don’t want to spoil your appetite. Stop on in at Hotel Chocolat for a guaranteed complimentary sample of high quality beautiful looking chocolate. Browse the store long enough and you’ll be scoring another piece, hopefully the milk chocolate salted caramel. Enter with the intention of buying nothing and don’t be surprised if you leave with a purchase.

5:10-5:15 Take a quick look around Madura home decor and make a mental list of everything you want to buy for your apartment when you ‘grow up’. Look, but don’t touch, because if you break anything you’ll have to forgo dinner and a couple months of rent.

5:15-5:20 Stop in Nike Town to PR in the Boston Marathon. Follow the course along the walls to the top floor finish line and admire the shoe art!

5:20-5:30 You walk into Johnny Cupcakes and spend ten dizzy minutes searching for cupcakes in the store. Vanilla? Chocolate? At this point you’ll settle on any flavor. You go back and forth with the sales assistant and eventually leave empty handed. A cupcake store that sells t-shirts?

5:30-5:35 Get back on track with a visit to the most organized used bookstore near Fairfield St, raven books. Inhale the old and loved book smell and feel wiser within seconds! Have a conversation with the friendly and helpful staff.

5:35-5:40 Saunter by Sonsie to see the well known shirtless painter who sets up right outside the open air windows. Don’t be offended by his mostly nude drawings, but prepare to leave wondering whether Sonsie patrons are his inspiration.

5:40-5:50 Read up on the City’s up and coming projects at Boston Architectural College. Read the Fall project descriptions through the glass windows. What’s in the works now- a tiger holding facility at the Franklin Zoo.

5:50-5:55 You pass the location where good ‘ol JP Licks homemade ice-cream used to reside. Have a moment of silence and proudly wipe your tears. Don’t get too down, JP Licks recently opened up a store on Charles Street!

Before you know it, it’s time for dinner!