Patriots Cheat Sheet: Week 7 vs NY Jets

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The “Skin-Of-Our-Teeth” Edition

Every week, we try to recap the Pats specifically so people who missed the game can have some talking points to make it look like they did. Hey, people talk football in the office on Mondays, especially when the Sox haven’t played since July (we keep telling ourselves). This is the Cheat Sheet.

A win is a win, even if creative and/or it confuses Jim Nantz to the tune of “he forgot who ended up victorious“. Still, we can call it a “walkoff” win for the Patriots, who used an overtime field goal and fumble to outlast the Jets and move to 4-3 on the season. Here’s a few things worth saying to look smart:

  • Gronk Spike – Two touchdowns, two Gronk spikes. That only means one thing: time to post the 1812 Overture set to Gronk spiking.
  • Week 2 Deja Vu – In a way, this was week 2 against the Cardinals all over again. A game where the Pats generally were in control until the very end when the wheels came loose a little on the defense, and then some absurdly creative things happening at the end. Within the last seven minutes, the Pats had a 10 point lead, a 3 point lead, a tie ball game, trailed by 3 and then another tie when they force overtime with a last second field goal. There was also a special teams fumble to set up the Jets short-lived lead. It was a wild, heart-attack-inducing last few minutes. I should check on my father.
  • The New Overtime Rules – If overtime is sudden death, why did the Patriots have to play defense after scoring a field goal on their first drive in OT? Well, the rules changed for this season because, hey, if you win the coin toss for OT, it shouldn’t put you in a statistically better chance to win the game because you called Heads. Now, if a team scores a touchdown on the first drive, the game ends, but if they are held to a field goal, the team that started on defense has a chance to respond and match/surpass it. Is it all the way to the infinitely better/fairer college overtime system? No. But it is the reason why the Pats D had to head out and face the Jets after scoring in OT, and when they forced the fumble and recovered, it ended the game.

Next week is a special week as the Patriots head over the pond to play the Rams in Wembley Stadium in London. The game is 1 ET, so don’t feel like you have to get up early for it.