Underrated Restaurants: Delux Cafe

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Boston has no shortage of popular eateries. From time to time, however, a very good restaurant seems to fall through the cracks and misses out on the recognition it deserves. In this semi-regular series, we will share our picks for those underrated dining spots that might strike your fancy.

Up next: Delux Cafe

So, maybe it’s not underrated as a dive bar – its excellence is well known. A cash-only dive wallpapered with old records and other oddities, playing Cartoon Network 24-hours a day, Delux is a haven for South End hipsters (and visiting hipsters alike). You’ve probably been there. It’s dark, small, cozy, unpretentious. You have a great time, but there’s no red carpet rolled out for your entrance.

Delux is a great place to start or end a long night in the South End before hitting busier spots like the Beehive, the Franklin, Coppa or Toro. But hang on just one second.

As a restaurant, this place doesn’t get enough credit. The menu is small, but it always features a page of specials. And the fact is, they make a damn good grilled cheese sandwich (also, salads if you’re into that sort of thing). Delux also offers a mean quesadilla – an old standby. In fact, it’s not uncommon to struggle to decide what to order because it’s all so good. Don’t be fooled by my juvenile favorites listed above, Delux serves real, adult food as well (burgers, tacos, pastas, fish dishes, etc).

It’s a tiny kitchen that produces some serious magic back in there. The bar has a cutout window into the kitchen so I can confirm there aren’t elves secretly working. Verdict: It’s a one-man kitchen that cranks out some delicious favorites night after night.

What do you think? Agree? Have you sought shelter and a quiet night at Delux before?