For Two Glorious Weekends, The Red Line Will Be Fully Operational

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This is the last weekend for Red Line service to end at the JFK stop. Since July 14th, weekend Red Lines have been stopping at JFK and shuttle buses have taken passengers to all stops from there to Ashmont. Prior to that, for almost four months last winter the Red Line’s northern most stops were closed on weekends. Shuttle buses carried passengers from Harvard to Alewife.

Then, for two weekends all Red Line train stops will be operational.

And then we start all over again. Beginning November 17th, weekend service from Harvard to Alewife will be disrupted again with shuttle buses taking over the passenger transportation. As someone who lives along this route, I want to complain about having to take the shuttle bus during winter (instead of the summer when I could walk home). But truthfully, the shuttle buses were not that bad. Sure, we still have to get off the Red Line, hop on a bus and go through traffic, and sometimes snow, to get to our station. But the wait usually isn’t that long. And the Harvard station is at least underground, dry and relatively warm. (The same can’t be said for all the other stations.)

The MBTA says that the interruptions will last only through the weekend of December 8th. Let’s hope. These disruptions only affect passengers on weekends. Monday through Friday transportation schedules are not changed. The MBTA has been clear about the need to work on the tracks during the construction. They’ve even provided updates and photos on all construction projects.

Until then, let’s bask in the glory that will be two weekends of fully running Red Line transportation.