We Love Weekends – October 26 – 28

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Frankenstorm nor fright will keep us away from having a solid weekend. Here’s what we’re up to these next few days.

Maloney: Halloween is almost here! Yes! This weekend I’m going to a couple of parties where my friend and I will be going as Troy and Abed as Inspector Spacetime and the Constable from Community. Our costumes are way more obscure than the parade of Psys,Binders of Women and Big Birds that will likely be at the parties, so I hope people will laugh at the costumes. Sunday I’m getting brunch with a friend in North Chelmsford, watching the Bears game at Newtowne Bar and Grille and then going to get sushi at O-Sha in Watertown.

Drea: Tonight I’m headed to the Tip Tap Room for a birthday party – I’ve wanted to try it since I read Brian Poe said ‘You can make a tip out of nearly anything.” Saturday, I’ll also be attending the BC game and hopefully will track down Dave while I’m there, primarily to meet his dad. Sunday is full, too, with a lunch in Davis Sq. and a South End double dinner date (Location TBD.)

Alex: A Widmer Black IPA is in store for me at the Tip Tap Room tonight where I’ll join Drea in celebrating a friend’s birthday. Tomorrow I’ll skip over to The Publick House, which recently started offering brunch starting at noon on weekends, and try the Hash & Eggs.  After a short food coma I’ll meet up with girlfriends at the Clay Room in Coolidge Corner. Okay, I’ll admit it; I’m going for champagne and gossip, not for the artsy painting part. I’ll enjoy the bubbly a smidge more than an unlucky friend will enjoy a poorly painted coffee mug Christmas gift. Saturday evening will include an epic bar crawl in Harvard Square resulting in a tough Sunday morning. After spending time with my best mates, coffee and Tylenol, I’ll coach Girls on the Run practice on the esplanade Sunday afternoon to get one more day outdoors before the storm hits!

Dave: A home football game for BC takes up most of my weekend, with packing and prepping on Friday night before game day on Saturday itself. The weather looks absurdly good to be outside and tailgating over some tacos and bloody marys. Sunday will likely involve a long run and the normal run-into-everyone-who-lives-in-the-South-End-at The Buttery.