Patriots Cheat Sheet: Week 8 @ St Louis

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The All-the-Way-To-Londontown Edition

Every week, we do our best to recap the Pats game so you can sound like you know what you’re talking about – even if you were out buying sandbags during the game time. Today, the cheat sheet fills you in on the Patriots dominating showing against the Rams across the pond.

It looks like the Patriots needed to go all the way to London to find their offensive power. Or, you know, play the NFC West’s worst from St. Louis. Let’s call it both, but either way, it was nice to see Tom Brady with some zip on the ball, the offensive line giving him time and a balanced attack thanks to some strong runs. Some bullet points:

  • Gronk Spike Update: Two Gronk TDs, two ridiculous touchdown dances. The Changing of the Guard was my favorite, because I’m not really sure what the moves were in his second one.
  • Five Straight Drives: Tom Brady usually doesn’t take off any part of a game – even when leading, Belichick will often keep his QB out there. When the Pats rattled off five straight drives that ended in touchdowns, though, it was probably an ok time to take the foot off the gas. Second year backup Ryan Mallett saw his first action in the pros and finally hit the stat sheet, going 1 for 3 passing with a few negative rushing yards while taking a knee.
  • Explaining American Football: I always wonder about these games in London. Yes, there are places you can go to watch football in the UK (not very many, and always filled with American expatriates). Still, how crazy must it be if you’ve never seen a game, and why it’s called football when the ball isn’t round and very few people play with their feet.

The first place Pats get the week off to recover from their overseas adventure. They’ll be back at Foxboro come November 11th to host the Bills, who they beat pretty handily in Buffalo earlier this season.