Mike and Patty’s: Alive After All?

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Breakfast eaters, rejoice. Grand re-opening announced on Mike & Patty’s website.

Mike and Patty’s, Boston tiniest, busiest breakfast storefront, has sadly been closed, since late summer without much of an explanation. The Bay Village joint simply posted a sign that said ‘Currently closed.’ It was tragic.

For those who haven’t been; you can’t find a better spot. Delicious options, mostly written on paper plates tacked to the walls, were plentiful and tasty. One thing was certain: Mike and Patty’s was the most exciting thing going on weekend mornings in Bay Village. That and if you ventured over, you were practically guaranteed a wait. Starving, hung-over people, too cranky for much chatting, hung out outside the restaurant like Walking Dead extras, waiting for Bacon and Egg Fancies. Oh and also, once that wait is over, you’ll need to find somewhere else to eat your delicious breakfast because there’s only room for about six inside. But it’s worth it. I promise.

That all changed this summer. I proudly walked our out-of-town guest directly to Mike and Patty’s doors only to be harshly turned out into the breakfast world. We settled on a far inferior breakfast in its absence. This began a constant search for information – what happened? Why is Mike and Patty’s closed? When will it re-open? Will it re-open? DEAR GOD, please give me information. And nothing.

But now! Now this! A light at the end of the tunnel. A note on the website reads, “Officially reopening soon!” Vague, but promising. Eater reports that Mike is stepping down, but that long-time employee Jennifer Galatis will be taking over.

When I know, you’ll know, kiddos. Til then, keep trying to perfect your breakfast sandwich at home.