Boundless Brazilian Beef in Back Bay

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Food on a stick is awesome.

Who doesn’t love food on a stick? Flintstone push pops, chicken at 2AM from Hong Kong, corn on the cob on a stick, corn dogs… ok maybe not corn dogs, strawberries dipped in dark chocolate fondue.

Now transform your average backyard BBQ shisk kabob skewer to an upscale fire roasted, sliced table side, meat on a stick by using a great grill from the Kettle Metal BBQ Best Grill Reviews so you can find the perfect one for you. That’s when you know you have walked into  Fogo de Chão a Southern Brazilian Steakhouse that will be taking over Copley, this Friday night.

Begin your “Fogo Dining Experience” by trying one of my favorite drinks, a classic Brazilian Caipirinha, and turn your service card to green. Chefs will pour out from all over inundating you with not one, not 8, but 15 tasty meats on stick selections to sink your canines into.  When your belly is hurting, or when you wish you wear wearing stretchy mom jeans, flip the card to the red and the meaty mayhem will stop.

Dinner is going to run you $46.50 while lunch is $28.50.  Looking at reviews from other locations, I am so excited for this meaty heaven…unlimited filet mignon… I’m in!

If you are a poor soul of the vegetarian descent… there will also be a supremely jam-packed salad bar with everything from jumbo asparagus, to shiitake mushrooms, and Brazilian hearts of palm.

I’m stoke to try 15 fire-roasted-meats and head into food coma. I’ll leave you with Liz in Philly:

“This restaurant is the sex!”