Car Zone Won’t Rip You Off

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As mentioned last week, my car was broken into. Aside from having a GPS stolen, my window was damaged. OK, damaged isn’t the best word. It was actually pushed out of place. The passenger side window was pushed so that the window rolled up over the lips of the door and caused a gap that would allow rain to get in.

With the impeding hurricane, I knew I had to get my window fixed, fast. I had previously asked my friends for car shop recommendations. They gave me some great places to go to, but all of them were in the suburbs and I wasn’t comfortable dropping off my car at a place far away from my home and trying to figure out a way to get home. So I did some research on Yelp. I had previously gone to Car Zone to get my brakes fixed, but wasn’t sure if they did body work as well. I called the shop and they told me to bring my car to look at it anyway. I asked when they were free and they said to come over now.

I drove over and was immediately greeted by Murph. I told him that my car was broken into and the window was messed up. He told me he was sorry about the break in and immediately started to fiddle with the window. He grabbed some crazy looking tool (like a ‘z’ shaped screwdriver) and started to pull the plastic lip over the window. He called over a coworker who pushed the window and sprayed the plastic lip with a spray silicone. The window was put into the place. In a matter of 15 minutes.

“Man, someone REALLY wanted to get into your car,” Murph said. I laughed. I have a 2003 Sentra and a three year old GPS navigation system. It’s not really a car you go out of your way to break into. Murph informed me that I should keep the window rolled up for at least four weeks and then see if the window is reset. If not, I will need to get a whole new window. For $400. “Look, I want your money,” Murph said. “But if we can fix your car with this fix, let’s save you money.”

Murph thanked me for stopping by and told me the keys were in the engine. “Uh, how much does this cost?” I asked him.

“Don’t worry about it. Sorry your car was broken into!” Murph said.

I shook his hand and went home. It’s been a week since this happened and I still can’t believe this happened. Everyone from the police to the repair shop have been more than helpful with this situation.

Part of me didn’t want to write this article. I wanted to keep Car Zone as a secret; knowing that they always keep the customer’s best interest and explaining things clearly and concisely. But just like Car Zone wants my money but wants to help me more, I want to keep Car Zone a secret but want them to be as successful as possible more.