How Do I Vote In Boston on Tuesday?

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We love people who vote.

We don’t care who you vote for this election, we’ll love you no matter what. With it coming up on Tuesday, here’s our PSA to help everyone have what they need to make it as easy as possible:

Verifying Your Registration

Sadly, if you do vote in MA, this link may not be that helpful as the deadline passed last month. However, you can still verify if you’re registered here in Boston just to be sure. If you happen to be a resident of another state, we would recommend’s state-by-state list of resources.

Finding Out Where To Vote

The incredibly helpful (and smartly SEOd) Where Do I Vote in MA can help you find your polling place. If you know your ward, there is this document for Boston (it’s not that helpful), and similar ones exist for Somerville, Brookline, Newton, etc. Just use Where Do I Vote. Trust me.

Hours of Voting

Massachusetts polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

What Do You Need To Bring to Vote

Acceptable identification must include your name and the address where you are registered to vote. They can include:

  • A current and valid driver’s license
  • Photo identification
  • Current utility bill
  • Bank statement
  • Paycheck
  • Government check
  • Other government document showing your name and address

What The Heck Are We Voting For This Time

Well, there’s the national presidential election, obviously, as well as a pretty well-publicized Senate election between Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown. You’ll also have a congressional seat in the house up for grabs in one of the several districts that cuts through Boston, Somerville, Newton, etc. Finally, in addition to positions specific to your ward or town (depending on where you live), there are also three statewide questions:

  • Question 1: Involves auto repair and what information a consumer has access to related to said repairs.
  • Question 2: The “Death with Dignity” Act
  • Question 3: legalize medical use of marijuana