We Love Weekends – November 2 – 4

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No hurricane, just autumn. Here’s how we’re keeping busy this weekend.

Dave: I’m doing a double We Love weekend – I’m starting up here in Boston with the last local show of Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers before they take their hiatus. Part sad, but also at my favorite venue in town, Paradise. I’m then snagging an early morning flight to DC to go take in some of my favorite activities down there: a long run on the Mall, a reunion with some BC alums to watch the game downtown and then a second night of SK6ers at the Howard Theatre. Brunch on Sunday at Ragtime, I’m assuming.

Drea: I’m with mi familia in St.Louis, BUT if I was home – tonight I’d be at the Sixers concert – so sad I can’t be there for their last tour. Tomorrow, I’d go do some fall things outside before heading to a friends 30th birthday at Back Bar. Sunday, I’d continue my quest to join Alex in Girls on the Run by crashing the Practice 5k. Sunday night, I’d make a big pot of soup for the week as I will do every weekend from now til the end of winter. 

Alex D: I have nothing planned and no obligations this weekend. My roommate Dan is the Theatre Director at Newton North.  Friday night I will be going to see his students’ performance of Neil Simon’s “Rumors“. Saturday morning, I think I’m going to find somewhere to eat brunch… ok not “real” brunch according to Dave, but I will be eating something yummy in-between pancake hour and frilly toothpick time.  I have been dying to try the Chocolate Brunch Buffet at The Langham Hotel, so maybe there!  My only real commitment this weekend will be Saturday afternoon when I get my hair chopped off at Center Salon in Brighton. Sunday, I will probably nerd it up and go to the Boston Tea Party Museum now that it reopened and/or hit up the North End for a Wine Tour.  If you have something better for me to do… hit me up!

Alex L: This weekend I’ll be wearing my tour guide hat as I show off Why I Love Boston to visiting family. The itinerary is jam-packed with food, drink, and activities, and I’m getting dizzy just thinking about it. Friday afternoon I’ll be sick to my stomach from over-consumption of chocolate from a Boston Chocolate Walking Tour. After a long recovery, I may be hungry for something healthy, like a bowl of warming soup from Pho Pasteur. Drinks are to follow at The Alibi which used to be the Suffolk County Jail. Jazz Brunch at The Beehive will kick off our Saturday morning and fuel us for a trip to Lexington for a dose of history. On return to Boston we’ll head to Terramia in the North End for unbeatable Italian Fare, followed by a predictable stop at Mike’s for the first time Boston goers.  In case you aren’t already exhausted reading about the activities of my weekend, I’ll share that Sunday will involve a French-Cambodian Brunch at The Elephant Walk, a tour of Beacon Hill, and a Practice 5K with my Girls on the Run team.

Maloney: Tonight I’m meeting up with some friends at a bar we lovingly refer to as ‘Old Man Bar’. We’ll be having some drinks atO’Leary’s in Brookline in honor of a friend’s birthday. Tomorrow is the All American City Beard and Mustache Competition in Somerville. Yup, you read that night. It’s gonna help me get excited for Movember! Sunday will be my usual: going to Newtowne in Porter Square to watch the Bears game. After the game, I’ll probably be grocery shopping and doing laundry.

Dibble: My weekend is dedicated to working on two class projects I have due next week and hopefully some GMAT prep since Sandy forced me to reschedule and gave me two extra weeks to study (or procrastinate). What an exciting weekend, huh? How jealous are you?? On a more fun note, I’m also hoping to celebrate a friends belated birthday that I missed last weekend and perhaps catch Joshua Radin at the Orpheum Theatre on Saturday night.