Aerosmith Rocks Allston

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Who says you can’t go home again? Aerosmith returned to Allston, today. Thousands of people flooded Comm Ave to see Aerosmith perform at 1325 Commonwealth Avenue, the house where the band got their start.

The band arrived in style in a Duck Boat originating from the Garden. They performed songs from their upcoming album, ‘Music From Another Dimension’ in their pre election day show. The band streamed the show live on their website, It was pretty cool to see the kids hanging out of the windows behind the stage.

Seven blocks of Comm Ave were closed and all cars were cleared so the band, and for some reason many members of the Patriots, could arrive. The B line was closed between Washington Street and Packard’s Corner from 10:30am to 3pm.

The show included a 30 minute set including confetti pouring into the street. There was also a presentation of Patriots footballs to the band from Robert Kraft and company. Sidenote: I’m tired of asking what the heck is Tom Brady thinking? Nice outfit, TB.

Were you at the show? Did you take pictures? Feel free to add them to the WLBT Flickr pool!