We Love Weekends – November 9 – 12

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A marathon BEFORE a wedding. Can’t top us this weekend.

Casey: I’m oscillating between a constant state of excited, nauseous, and terrified in anticipation of wedding weekend extravaganza. Yes, that’s right, I’m getting married this weekend! And to quote one of my all-time favorite movies, “It’s all happening!” Rehearsal dinner in Wellesley tonight, followed by lady time with morning manicures and pedicures on Saturday, a side of Holy War – BC vs ND – and a special wedding edition of Tailgate. It’s going to be one hell of an early morning on Sunday – the day – as I’m running the Chilly Half Marathon in Newton with some of the wedding party and brave family and friends. The nuptials will take place at the Charles Museum of Industry and Innovation in Waltham later that evening. And then, I will most certainly crash. Wish me luck! AUGH!

Dave: Some “french” school from Indiana is making their way into town this weekend to challenge my beloved BC Eagles in not one, but two contests of sport. Starting with a hockey tilt tonight and continuing straight through a day of cooking and tailgating tomorrow before football, it’s officially Notre Dame Hate Weekend around Chestnut Hill. Remember – Flutie was way better than Rudy, who was offside anyway.

Maloney: You guys ever see that Simpsons where Homer is sick and still insists on still going to Duff Gardens? That’s gonna be me tomorrow when I force myself to get up and go see John Mulaney perform at the Wilbur Theatre. The rest of the weekend I’ll probably be in bed recuperating from my big adventure out on Friday night. Sunday night I’ll be wrapped up in my Bears Snuggie cheering on their Defense and yelling at Cutler as they play the Texans. Considering how good the Texans are, it’s probably good I’m not going to a bar in Porter Square to watch the game.

Alex L: I’ll start the weekend off loosening up at Café 939 where I’ll dance to one of my favorite folk bands, Spirit Family Reunion. Saturday I’ll take an out of town visitor to Toro  for sangria and mouth watering tapas. We’ll be told a table will open up in a short timeframe of two hours, so in the meantime we’ll head to Stella for Basil Lime Gimlets. After a couple of rounds, our table will be ready and we’ll head back to Toro and order the Maiz con Queso Cotija (Grilled corn with cheese), Pimientos del Padron (Hot peppers with sea salt) and Filete a la Plancha (hanger steak) among others. Later that night I’ll enjoy a Hot Buttered Rum from the cold weather cocktail menu at Eastern Standard. Maybe I’ll learn what butter batter is. Sunday will be spent relaxing and detoxing, as I, unlike many others, do not have a three day weekend.

Drea: I may crash Spirit Family Reunion with Alex L. in hopeful anticipation of next year’s Newport Folk Festival. After that, the plans sort of fall through. I’ll probably pick up a case of wine and booze from Urban Grape in anticipation of my family’s arrival for Thanksgiving. We’ll also be test-driving cars as we look to burn some cash. On Sunday, I’ll try my hand at outdoor yoga (in a coat?). No three-day weekend here either. Bummer.