Brookline Bans Bags

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Yesterday, Brookline Town Meeting members voted 142-53 to ban on disposable polyethylene plastic bags. The ban won’t begin until December 2013. The law will only effect those supermarkets with more than $1million in gross sales the previous year and retail pharmacies with at least two locations in Brookline. It also effects establishments with at least three locations with more than 2,500 square feet of space in Brookline.

Obviously, plastic bags are bad for the environment and this is a step in protecting the earth. The town of Brookline also banned Styrofoam in a 169-27 vote the previous day. That ban prohibits disposable polystyrene for take out food and beverages in Bookline beginning in December 2013. If Brookline is gonna run on Dunkin, it won’t be in the Styrofoam cups which we’ve grown accustom.

Looks like Brookline residents have 13 months to stock up on canvas bags and coffee tumblers.