Hubway Closing for the Winter

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I never expected to love Hubway.

Sure, I was glad that the environmentally friendly system existed in this city, but I never thought I’d want to use it. It’s like how I’m glad the Blue Line exists, even though I never use it, or that there’s a dog park down the road, even though I’ve got no pet to call my own. For a long time, Hubway seemed like little more than system of clunky bikes piloted poorly by tourists from beyond the city limits, not something that’d appeal to a bike owner like me.

Oh, how wrong I was. In fact, it’s opened up a whole new world of commuting for me. And now I’m feeling a bit mournful to learn the system is packing up for the season, shutting down operations at 11:59 p.m. on Nov. 28.

It used to be that if the weather was gross in the morning but was forecast to be nicer that afternoon, I’d have to take the T in to work and suck it up on the way home, too, unhappily trapped on a slow-moving train when I could be riding home in half the time. Or perhaps I knew I’d be going out after work and would be out late enough that I knew I’d want to take a cab home, meaning I couldn’t bike into work unless I wanted to leave my bike locked up in some strange place overnight.

But Hubway has made it easy for me to take a bike for one leg of a trip, but use another form of transportation the other. After signing up for a membership, I didn’t have to worry about leaving my bike across town late at night or taking a quick ride from the office to a friend’s house on days I didn’t bike in. Simply put: there were bikes almost anywhere I needed them, accessible anytime I’d want one. They aren’t perfect, but for short rides where I’d otherwise have to take the T, walk or pony up for a cab, they more than get the job done.

I’m already looking forward to March 2013, when the system will re-open for its third year of service. I’ve only been an key-toting member for about a month, but I’ll miss the service dearly. And until it re-opens, I’ll just pray they open up a stop closer to my own apartment — I know my fellow bloggers may disagree, but Coolidge Corner is just too far from Corey Road, Hubway!