Underrated Restaurants: uBurger

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Boston has no shortage of popular eateries. From time to time, however, a very good restaurant seems to fall through the cracks and misses out on the recognition it deserves. In this semi-regular series, we will share our picks for those underrated dining spots that might strike your fancy.

Up next: uBurger

Once, as a full-grown adult, I left a perfectly delightful night at the Hawthorne, with its sister restaurants full of menus brimming with delicious offerings to run (literally) across the street for a fat-kid combo: a veggie burger, fries and shake from uBurger.

I gleefully waved at my coworkers whom I left behind in fast pursuit. I knew that I was fulfilling a culinary need that those classy joints across the street just couldn’t provide. I needed greasy fast food served up by college kids under the harsh lights. And I ate every bite.

Not everyplace does veggie burgers well, a trouble many of you may not know. Sometimes restaurants microwave up some frozen shit that tastes like old Chinese food. Other times, they try to sneak in veggies you don’t even like. And sometimes a high-brow take on the veggie burger is alright. But sometimes, you just want a damn burger.

That’s what uburger is for. I know when I order and promptly wolf down my dinner, all unladylike, it will be worth it. It will be something I wouldn’t make at home, with a side of fries.

I’m not saying it’s right for every occasion, but on the right night, there’s nothing better.

What do you think? What’s your stop greasy pre- and post-hangover burgers?