We Love Weekends: November 16 – 18

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We’re all in the pre-Thanksgiving mood – here’s how the We Love Beantown staff is spending the last weekend before the holiday.

Matt C.: I’ve been fearing this weekend since last weekend. I’m hosting a Friendsgiving dinner on Sunday which means I’m cooking my very own turkey for the first time. I’m constantly switching between thinking it’ll be super-easy (it’s just like a big chicken, right) to unbelievably difficult (what is this terrifying brine nonsense!). But before that I’m going to be sure to catch Skyfall downtown and meet up with a parade of friends celebrating birthdays, a return from Australia, and then more birthdays. So if the exhaustion does’t knock me out, the red wine and tryptophan will.

Dave: Where does a football season go?! Tomorrow marks the last home game of the BC season, so we’ll be firing things up one last time at the ol’ tailgate with our annual Chili cook-off (I must avenge my loss from last year, but I have a trick or two up my sleeve). While that’s the center point of the weekend, I’m hoping to add in a few other activities around it – a likely late night run on Boylston at Back Bay Social or Whiskeys tonight, the possibility of Kings Karaoke on Saturday is always high and a nearby friend is hosting Friendsgiving on Sunday.

Alex L: After two weekends in a row of hosting family and friends, I’ll lay low this weekend and get back to being a regular at my typical spots. Saturday will kick off with a to-die-for grilled cheese and spicy tomato bisque at The Abbey. The weather is supposed to be sunny so I’ll stroll around Washington Square and get coffee at Athan’s Bakery. Saturday evening I’ll enjoy Indian food at Mela with girlfriends. Sunday will be a Go-to-Hell-Carolina kind of day. I’ll reunite with Duke Alumni for brunch and cheer on the Duke Basketball team as they take on Florida at home Sunday evening.

Drea: My weekend kicks off today, as I’m working at the MassTLC unConference connecting the city’s entrepreneurs with leading mentors from across the country. Then, I’ll hit a friend’s birthday at JM Curley (hopefully, I’ll get in this time.) Saturday morning, I’m presenting to a group of 40 high school students in Waltham. No, I’m not nervous :/ The rest of the day seems open for now, but I’m sure my introverted self will need some recovery time. Sunday, I’m headed up to UNH with the future in-laws + fiancé to take an official family holiday photo. I think there’s also a pop-up chocolate store in the South End that’s calling my name. Double date planned on Sunday night, too. Oh and ladies? Kate Spade (117 Newbury St.) is having a 20% off sale. Just sayin’.

Alex D.: My weekend kicked off yesterday.  I was at ABX all day, followed by an Alumni Reception for Wentworth.  Friday night will be a fun night at Hong Kong in Faneuil Hall for my friend’s birthday. Saturday…will be interesting. My friend from college’s friend from High School’s family created an annual pub crawl of 10 downtown locations. 7 years ago it began with just close family and friends, and over the years has expanded to include over 150 people who know each others mother’s-brother’s-neighbor’s-baybsitter’s-boyfriend. The close of my weekend, Sunday will be a fun day! Authors of WLBT will be meeting for brunch in the South End followed by a stroll around Boston to liven up our Flickr pool.  P.S. I read Drea’s weekend… chocolate pop up store and Kate Spade… wow.

Katie: Everyone’s weekends sound so interesting! All I have planned is drinks with friends on Saturday night. I’m not even sure where we’re going. Maybe Shays in Harvard Square. And of course brunch and a walk around Boston with the WLBT authors on Sunday!