Boston Based Movie ‘The Heat’ Preview Released

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I’m gonna address the elephant in the room: Why would you possibly name a movie based in Boston ‘The Heat’?

Previews for the movie ‘The Heat’ are out now. According to the preview and, the movie pairs Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy together. Which is crazy because they are totally opposite!

The move was filmed in and around Roxbury this summer and is expected to come out in theaters in April of 2013. Filming was done around Dudley Square this summer where there was a series of major incidents while filming. An MBTA bus was involved in an accident that also included a truck from the movie. There was also a fatal stabbing near the set this summer as well.

The movie was directed by Paul Feig, who has directed everything you love. (Mad Men, 30 Rock Arrested Development, Freaks and Geeks, Bridesmaids) Bullock plays a straight-laced Katerina James an FBI agent who does not get along with her coworkers. Melissa McCarthy plays Det. Joyce Nelson who doesn’t play by the rules, but doesn’t get along with her coworkers either! How will they work together?

Maybe I’m being a little too harsh. This movie also has Taran Killam, Kaitlin Olson and Tony Hale. Anything Buster Bluth is in has to be good, right? Either way, I’m sure I’ll be watching this movie some lazy Sunday when TBS is replaying it for the hundredth time.