Patriots Cheat Sheet: Week 11 vs Indianapolis

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The ‘Where Have You Gone’ Peyton Edition

Every week, the Patriots Cheat Sheet is here to fill in the gaps of your football conversations. Whether you were too busy with Friendsgiving to pay attention to the Pats big victory over the Colts yesterday or just plain didn’t watch, we’ll make sure you sound like you did. 

This is the story of a man named Peyton. Sure, he hasn’t been the quarterback of the Colts for two seasons now, but after years and years of battle with his Indianapolis teams and Tom Brady’s Pats, it is hard to forget the other general who used to fight in this conference rivalry.

It’s also hard to imagine a time when Peyton’s Colts would have given up 59 points to the Patriots. Alas, while the game was definitely not even, it was closer than the score may indicate, and it may not even be long before Indy is competitive in the AFC again. Some quick hits:

  • Not Peyton, but Give Him Time: Andrew Luck, first overall pick in last year’s draft, has had the unfortunate position of trying to become the next signal caller legend in Indy. Yesterday, he played like a rookie – throwing two picks that were returned for TDs –
  • Not Just The Offense Who Can Score: We’ll always have Gronk and Brady and spiking. Yesterday was about so much more than that, as the Pats scored 21 points without the ball, as well as adding another score right after a fumble recovery. That’s why I noted above that it was not as big of a blowout as thought, because the offense wasn’t the one making the points. Which is a great sign for this team, but also very opportunistic.
  • Not to Be Forgotten: Most of the time, when it comes to Pats receivers, the conversation usually goes Gronk, Welker, that fantastic photo of Brandon Lloyd and then, ‘Wait, we have other receivers?” Yesterday was Edelman’s day, adding all sort of receiving and returning points to any absurdly lucky fantasy owners who for some reason slotted him into their squads.

We’ll be back a second time this week with a special Friday morning cheat sheet as the Pats take a Thanksgiving game in the Meadowlands against the Jets. The days, they fly by.